Board of Director Expectations

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Texas Solar Energy Society


A. The ten basic responsibilities of a nonprofit Board

  1. Determine the organization’s mission and purposes, with periodic review
  2. Select the executive
  3. Support the executive and review his/her performance in accordance to mutually agreed upon annual goals and objectives
  4. Ensure effective organizational planning by approving long-range (5-year) plans with at least bi-annual review
  5. Ensure adequate resources (fund raising)
  6. Manage resources effectively, including approval of an annual budget
  7. Determine and monitor the organization’s programs and services
  8. Enhance the organization’s public image and identify spokesperson(s)
  9. Serve as a court of appeal for personnel and/or disputes outside of executive’s prerogatives
  10. Assess its own performance

B. General agreements

  1. The Board is responsible for making policy and has the ultimate legal responsibility for activities or inactivity
  2. Directors have no individual management authority
  3. Directors have fiduciary duties of care, obedience and loyalty to the organization
  4. Directors should be active in fundraising activities
  5. Directors have an important role in the development of Directorship in the organization and are responsible for oversight of recruitment and retention
  6. Directors should develop policy and scrutinize existing policy regarding barriers to membership

C. 云顶集团网站 specific requirements

  1. All Board members must be paid up members of 云顶集团网站; at election, currently 50% must be ASES members with a goal of 100% in near future
  2. Directors hold 2-year terms with a limit of 2 consecutive terms; all officers are elected to 1 year terms and may be re-elected once
  3. All elected officers will be ASES members
  4. Directors should attend all quarterly Board meetings (3 consecutive absences and seat is abdicated)
  5. Directors should be active in meetings they attend, particularly in asking thoughtful and timely questions
  6. Each director should actively participate on at least one standing committee
  7. Directors are required to participate in developing new growth resources for 云顶集团网站, including financial, member, volunteer, and information/knowledge resources. The fundraising target for each Director At-Large is $250 per year. The fundraising requirement can be fulfilled through (a) personal or business donations; (b) securing individual or business members; or (c) an in-kind contribution of services, nominally 25 hours per year in addition to board meetings, on projects identified by the Executive Director. Chapter Representatives are exempted from the fundraising requirement.